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In order to make sure we can take your application into consideration, please read the eligibility conditions below, and click the button that applies to your organization.

To quickly see whether you can apply for a loan from Oikocredit, please look at the questions below:

General criteria

  • Is your enterprise seeking loans, not aid?
  • Does your enterprise have at least 3 years of operations and a good track record?
  • Are internal controls and a management information system in place?
  • Has your enterprise reached operational stability, or is stability in sight?

For financial intermediaries

  • Is your enterprise a financial institution serving people on low incomes or SMEs?
  • Does your financial institution have a portfolio of above $ 1.5 million?

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For agricultural organizations

  • Is your enterprise involved in agriculture, processing or export of goods?
  • Does your enterprise benefit its community?
  • Are your enterprise's total assets above $1 million?

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