40 million people reached in 2016 by organisations financed by Oikocredit

Tuesday June 2017 Social impact investor Oikocredit’s latest Social and Environmental Performance Report shows 84 per cent of those reached were women full story

Social and Environmental Performance Report 2016

cover-spm-report-2016-uk.jpgTuesday June 2017 Our Social and Environmental Performance Report reflects our dedication to improving lives and protecting the planet. full story

International cooperative Oikocredit holds development finance meetings in Accra

Thursday June 2017 Oikocredit brought 150 people from 33 countries to Ghana for its annual general meeting and financial inclusion conference full story

Executive summary: Do rural microcredit borrowers fare better in reducing poverty than urban borrowers?

Tuesday May 2017 An executive summary of the discussion paper Do rural microcredit borrowers fare better in reducing poverty than urban borrowers? full story

2016 | Diversifying for the future

Cover annual report 2016 English.jpgMonday April 2017 Our annual report gives you a comprehensive update on our developments and achievements in 2016. full story

2016 | Annex to the Annual Report: Term investment portfolio overview

Cover Term investment portfolio 2016.jpgMonday April 2017 This report provides information about Oikocredit's term investment portfolio, the portion of total assets which are invested in liquid, conservatively-invested funds used to redeem share capital and to provide for Oikocredit’s operating funds. full story

Oikocredit surpasses € 1 billion development financing milestone in 2016

Wednesday March 2017 Amersfoort, the Netherlands – Today social investor and worldwide cooperative Oikocredit published its financial results for 2016, revealing a development financing portfolio of €1,047.2 million, up 16% on 2015. full story

Discussion paper: Do rural microcredit borrowers fare better in reducing poverty than urban borrowers?

Tuesday February 2017 The effects of microfinance on the poverty of rural and urban borrowers using panel data are sparsely researched. This paper uses client-level balanced and unbalanced panel data from three Asian ... full story

Thos Gieskes appointed as managing director of Oikocredit

Tuesday February 2017 Amersfoort – the Netherlands. Social investor Oikocredit today announced that it will welcome Thos Gieskes as its new managing director as of April 2017. full story

Major agricultural lenders affirm shared environmental and social principles

Monday February 2017 Nairobi, Kenya — Oikocredit and eight other Members of the Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance (CSAF) announced at their regional meeting that they have formally adopted a set of jointly developed environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. full story