Oikocredit provides loans and investments

for social enterprises across the world

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Looking for financing?

Are you a financial institution, agricultural organisation or production company looking for funding? Find out if an Oikocredit loan or investment is something for you.

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Where we work

Oikocredit developing markets provides loans to social organisations across Africa. Find out where we work and what types of organisations we support.

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Local presence is our strong point

Maria photo.jpgThursday February 2018 Maria Koramoa heads Oikocredit's country office in Accra, Ghana's capital, and is the deputy head of Oikocredit West Africa. As a financial expert, Maria has studied economics, sociology and education in Birmingham and the Cape Coast. She is specialised in microfinance and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. During a Skype call, Maria shared some insights into her work. full story

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Facts & Figures

  • € 1,192 million

    total assets

  • € 935.1 million

    capital outstanding

  • 781


  • 54,000


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Savings and loans for small enterprises Nigeria - SEAP, Self Reliance Economic Advancement Programme

Savings and loans for small enterprises

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SEAP, Self Reliance Economic Advancement Programme
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